Contract: 1985/18 Kupní smlouva_pásková knihovna_1332

Contract information

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DBID: 3756
Registration number: 1332/2018
Date of contract conclusion: 16.10.2018
Framework agreement: No
Multilateral contract: No
Metadata anonymisation: No
Contracting authority is: payer
Price in CZK without VAT: 764 772,00
Price in CZK with VAT: 925 374,12

Title (subject)

1985/18 Kupní smlouva_pásková knihovna_1332

Brief description

dodávka páskové knihovny

Contracting authority

  • Official name: Krajská zdravotní, a.s.
  • CRN: 25488627
  • Postal address:
    Sociální péče 3316/12A
    401 13, Ústí nad Labem
  • Name of the department: Odbor veřejných zakázek
  • Contracting authority profile identification in VVZ: 60050521

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